Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Eurotard's Fundraiser Program?
Eurotard's 5% Cash Donation Program is a fundraiser that partners dancers and schools with RETAIL STORES to enrich your dancing programs. This offer is limited to online orders only. All schools and purchases must be validated.Flyer1, Flyer2.

Who can set up my school or group?
School owners, teachers, group leaders, and coaches.

How do I set up my school or group?
Go to, select "Fundraiser" and create your account. Choose the RETAIL STORE you wish your students to buy from, set up your class schedule and select your uniform requirements. Download the validation forms and fax or email them to Eurotard.

How do I set up my account as a student?
Go to, select "Fundraiser" and create your account. Enter your zip code, select your school and class. Then, choose the RETAIL STORE you wish to buy from. Your account will display the school's PREFERRED retail store. However, you may select a different retailer.

How will Eurotard validate school and groups?
Eurotard requires proof of business license, Federal Tax ID, contact name, school or group name, business address and telephone number. Fax your forms to 770-664-7208 or email

1.) Fill out and fax IRS Form W-9 attached on this link: Form W-9
2.) Fill out and fax Eurotard School/Group Validation Form.

How will Eurotard validate non-profit groups?
Eurotard requires proof of non-profit charter, contact name, group name, group mailing address and contact phone number. Fax your completed Validation Form and proof of non-profit to 770-664-7208 or email

1. Fillout and fax Eurotard School/Group Validation Form
2. Fax copy of the non-profit articles of incorporation or current IRS tax exempt status

How will I know when my school or group has been validated?
The school will receive an email from Eurotard once the school/group has been validated. Please allow 1-2 business days for validation.

Who am I ordering through?
All your purchases will be processed through your CHOSEN RETAIL STORE.

Can I link the Eurotard fundraiser to my website?
The fundraiser link can be added to the retail store or school/group websites for convenient access.

Who can place orders?
Anyone. Teachers, dancers, parents, etc.

How does Eurotard provide youth protection?
Eurotard encourages parents of minors to provide the adults' contact information instead of the minors.

Do I have to order online only?
Yes, this program in ONLY valid for online orders.

How do I pay for my merchandise?
Multiple ways of payments are accepted and processed by your chosen retailer. Contact YOUR retail store for questions.

How will I receive my merchandise?
Pick up at your selected retail store, or choose to have it shipped by the retail store directly to you.

How does my school receive credit for all my student purchases?
Make sure to ask your students to select the appropriate school name and class when placing their orders. Once the orders have been paid, picked up or shipped, the retail store will VALIDATE the sale.

What is Eurotard's Cash Donation?
Eurotard will reward 5% in cash back to your school/group on all STORE VALIDATED ONLINE purchases made through the fundraising program.

How is the 5% Donation redeemed?
ALL PURCHASES MUST BE VALIDATED BY THE RETAIL STORE BEFORE A CHECK CAN BE MAILED TO THE SCHOOL/GROUP. Eurotard will write a check directly to your school or group, every 3 calendar months. Eurotard retains the right to modify the reward amount or to cancel this offer without prior notice.

Who provides customer service and answers questions about orders or returns?
YOUR SELECTED RETAILER, chosen by you when creating your account, or when placing your order, will answer all your questions and assist you.

It is a FREE program that allow schools to present a LIVE SCROLLING display of class schedules and events. Ideal for display on large TV monitors in lobbies and classrooms. No purchase required. (Flyer)

What if I do not have a TV or monitor to view the Live Schedule & Events Display?
A Non-Scrolling version is available for viewing on websites, computers and mobile devices. This version is also ideal for email and print distribution. Modifications to the schedule and events database are INSTANTLY viewable by all users. No purchase required. (Flyer)

Privacy Policy
We do not sell or share your private information with third parties. However, by your submitting of your orders for process, you authorize your selected retail store to view your personal information and to process your credit card. For full Privacy disclosure, please read Eurotard Privacy Policy.

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